How are we different


It's very difficult to understand exactly what's happening with your customer communications. You may have ready stepped up and implemented either Salesforce or Zendesk as your System Of Record. No one likes to log every call/email/chat/conference with the customer, so it simply doesn't get into the system. With SyncUp, it's all automatic, so you see the activity and understand where the effort is going.

Team chat Products (Slack, Hipchat ...)

SyncUp is focused on simplifying external communications. SyncUp breaks down the barriers that limit interaction between companies, customers and partners. Our unique, progressive on-boarding approach delivers the power of a messaging network without the usual roadblocks to adoption - no apps, accounts or passwords are required to participate.

General Collaboration Products (Google Hangouts, Skype …)

General collaboration products work great when your customer and you prefer to use the same tool. In the cases where the customer uses a different tool they have to sign up or install an application to join your conversation. This creates unnecessary steps and friction. SyncUp was built to work just with an email address. In business everyone has an email address and its one click to join a SyncUp from that email address. We also provide rich notifications via push / sms with no app required.

Conferencing Products (Webex, GoToMeeting...)

Conferencing products begin and end with a scheduled call. Before that you have done a lot of work to initiate conversations with the right people and connect with them. Chat before, during, and after the call. Follow up; ask that one question you forgot. With SyncUp, your chats, files, and exchanges are always one click away.