SyncUp Communications, Inc. Privacy Policy

At SyncUp Communications, Inc., your privacy is of paramount importance. This policy covers our website and our web and mobile applications and is applicable worldwide. The privacy policy outlines the collection and handling of your Personal Information for both online and offline data. This Policy may be updated from time to time and any material changes will be announced on our website at the time of update.


“Personal Information” refers to any information that is used to identify an individual including a name, an email address, a phone number, or a profile photo.

A “SyncUp” is defined as call conducted using our web or mobile based applications where users have the ability to talk and / or chat. Users can also present or share files on a SyncUp. It is possible that a SyncUp will have more features and or functionality in the future.

A “SyncUp Email Invite” is defined as the email a user gets when creating a SyncUp or being invited to a SyncUp.

1. Collection of your personal information

This section outlines some of the instances where SyncUp Communications, Inc. collects your Personal Information and the reasons for collection.

Reasons we collect your personal information include:

a. Registration and verification of your identity.

b. Access and use of certain product features.

c. Provision of notifications for a SyncUp that you are a participant of on our web and mobile applications.

d. Customization of the content that you see.

e. Emails to inform you of updates to the product or the content on our website.

2. Use of personal information

Your personal information will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you wish that we no longer use your information in this manner you may deactivate your account by sending an email from your registered email address to

The ways in which we use your personal information include:

a. To have the ability to create personal profiles and view protected content.

b. To understand more about you so we can personalize content on our website based on your preferences.

c. To provide customer feedback and support.

d. To conduct surveys on a voluntary basis in order to provide a better customer experience based on your feedback.

3. Content

We do not record any of your voice activity on SyncUp.

We use SSL to protect your chat messages and files in transit. Your chat and files for a particular SyncUp can only be viewed by you, the other participants invited to that SyncUp, and any others with whom the email invite was shared. You can only view your prior chat history and files on a device that you have you have verified.

4. Personal Profile

Your name and photo will be visible to all of your contacts.

Your phone number will not be visible or shared with other users of SyncUp unless you voluntary share this information through chat, files or conversation on a SyncUp or through other channels including email and social media.

5. Shared Status Notifications

The following status information will be shared with other users that are on the same SyncUp as you:

If you have opted in to receive text notifications or are on the browser page of a particular SyncUp, all other participants will see that you are available to chat for that SyncUp.

If you join the call on a particular SyncUp, all participants will be able to see that you are voice present on that SyncUp.

Anytime you read a SyncUp Email Invite, the organizer of that SyncUp receives a notification that you have read the invitation. This information is conveyed to help the organizer more effectively manage his / her SyncUp.

6. SyncUp Mobile Applications

When you install a SyncUp mobile application you can opt in to integrating your phone contacts. In this case your phone contacts’ emails and names will be stored on our servers and will only be used to:

a. Notify you when your contacts become active on SyncUp

b. Indicate which of your contacts are already using SyncUp

c. Sync your contacts with the SyncUp web application

7. Location Information

Your coarse location may be inferred from network and/or client information. This information is used to present SyncUp times to you in your local timezone.

8. Third Party Information

If you allow SyncUp Communications, Inc. to access third party information such as enabling the ability to search your google contacts you will need to manage that third party information using those third party accounts. We do not have the ability to modify or delete your Personal Information stored in third party services. This Privacy Policy only applies to Personal Information that is acquired on the SyncUp Communications, Inc. website and our mobile and web applications and not to Personal Information managed by Third Party Sites.

If you believe SyncUp Communications, Inc. is in possession of your Personal Information that you want modified or deleted, please contact It may be necessary to retain some Personal Information for the period of time necessary for legal proceedings, legal requirements or for settling your account.

9. Unsubscribing and Opting Out

You may unsubscribe from email newsletters containing content and or promotions from SyncUp Communications, Inc. by clicking the unsubscribe link from any of our emails.

You may change reminder and calendar settings among others for your SyncUps using the “manage your settings” link at the footer of any SyncUp Email Invite.

10. Sharing of Personal Information

a. We will not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties for marketing purposes.

b. We may share information with third party service providers for the purposes of providing customer support and managing your account. We use a third party service provider to provide you SMS notifications in relation to SyncUps that you are a part of. You have the ability to opt out of these notifications at any time. These alerts are intended as reminders to help our users get to a SyncUp on time. We only provide third parties with the information necessary to complete the requested transaction.

c. We may respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process by disclosing your Personal Information or other related information, if necessary. We also may choose to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.

d. We may collect and possibly share Personal Information or any additional information available to us in order to investigate, prevent or take legal action against illegal activities, suspected fraud as required by law.

11. Security of your Personal Information

a. SyncUp Communications, Inc. is committed to protecting the Personal Information that you share with us. We use a combination of industry-standard security technologies, procedures and organizational measures to help protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

b. While we are committed to protecting your Personal Information, we cannot ensure the security of all the information you transmit on the internet. Please ensure that you use a secure password for your email account. Please also make sure to use a secure browser that is SSL compliant.

12. Cookies and Other Automatically Collected Data

a. Like many websites, SyncUp Communications, Inc. utilizes cookies which allows to make your visit to our website easier, more efficient and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience when you return.

b. A cookie is not able to read any Personal Information off your hard disk or off of cookies files created by other websites. A cookie is only able to read information that you have supplied on our website. Cookies used on our website may give us information about your browsing behavior to personalize your experience. This allows us to improve your user experience on our website and provide relevant and more effective content and interactions on our website.

c. SyncUp Communications, Inc. may partner with a third party service provider to collect event based data such as user clicks which is collected through the third party service provider’s cookies. This information is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone for any reason unless required by law. This information helps us improve the user experience on our website and our web and mobile applications.

d. SyncUp Communications, Inc. collects log file data on our website and our web and mobile applications to measure the performance of our service and ensure a higher quality experience for our users.

13. Consent to Storage of Personal Information

SyncUp Communications, Inc. processes information on secure servers in the United States.

14. Payment

SyncUp Communications, Inc. will offer paid services in the future that our users can opt into.

We will use the services of third parties to process your payments and require that these third parties take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data and to comply with relevant laws. Always make sure to review the terms of use and privacy policies of those third parties before providing your banking or payment information.

15. Links to Third Party Websites and Services

Our website and our web and mobile applications may provide links to third party websites and services which are outside our control and not covered by our policy. We recommend that you review the privacy policies on all websites that you visit and services that you use.

16. Important Note to International Users

If you are accessing the SyncUp Communications, Inc. site from countries or regions outside of the United States with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, that differ from United States law, please be advised that by your continued use of SyncUp Communications, Inc. website and applications you are transferring your Personal Information to the United States and you expressly consent to that transfer and consent to be governed by California law for these purposes.

17. Children’s Privacy

SyncUp Communications, Inc. does not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of thirteen (13). If we find out that we have collected Personal Information on a child under the age of thirteen (13), we will delete that data from our systems. We encourage parents and guardians take steps to protect their children’s on-line privacy.

18. Policy Updates

SyncUp Communications, Inc. may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. A privacy notice will be posted whenever this privacy policy is materially changed. Your continued use of SyncUp Communications, Inc. website and our mobile applications will signify and confirm your assent to those changes.

19. Contact Us

If you have any questions pertaining to our Privacy Policy please send us an email at